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So I was hit by a wave from 1740. For once I will let the music speak for it self:


Resurrection Part 1

Resurrection Part 2

Resurrection Part 3

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12 Steps To Greatness

  • September
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12 steps to Greatness



So here we go again…

I just thought that I would make a little video – my first one actually and I had the idea that it should be all about Greatness. So I sat down and tried to come up with some brilliant words that would convey some kind of message or meaning.

The pictures are some I have taken during the years with my old Canon MX20i camera. 2 Mb is not much to take sharp pictures but on some of those pictures I was lucky anyway. When I finished the video I began thinking of buying a real camera with fast action and higher quality.

The music… Well I still can't play piano, but I am a Read the rest of this entry…

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Glass Drop

  • September
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Look for the Glass Drop




I can't play piano but I can fake it! Yes I made the music by entering notes one by one in Sonar. 5.459 notes combined in this unique way giving exactly this piece of music. 3 minutes, 52 and a half second. This is an average of 23.48 notes pr. second. I call this Turbo Overdrive Speed Piano!


I don't even have a piano but I have this Rhodes and those of you who know Rhodes will know that it does not at all sound like a piano! I don't even know how I made this piano part. I heard and experienced this music in the secret parts of the mind and I just copied or downloaded it.

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Al Agami – Be Explordinary!

  • August
  • 22

Kilroy promotion

So Al Agami was here… Got a job for Coma and Kilroy Travels and we recorded the soundtrack for this one. It was swift and very professional.


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Project & Graphics S. Fonsbo, Text: R. Fonsbo, Noise: J. Fonsbo, Music: D. Fonsbo, Rap: Al Agami.


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